What About The Veneers Marketed As Reversible?

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Dr. Saklofsky
What About The Veneers Marketed As Reversible?The permanence and reversibility of the veneer procedure are important topics that patients need to discuss during their appointment with a dentist. Often, porcelain veneers should be considered a long-term commitment with long-term results.

When ultra-thin, little-prep, or no-prep veneers are used to cover blemishes and flaws on teeth, there is very little, if any, enamel filed down to accommodate the veneers' thickness. Due to the minimal shaving down of the enamel, the procedure may be regarded as reversible, meaning that you could get to a dentist and have the veneers removed later on in life.

The Truth about Reversible Veneers

Those veneers marketed as reversible involve only a slight etching of the enamel to allow the adhesive to get a bonding surface. When a dentist removes this kind of veneer, the rough enamel surface can be polished down to become smooth. The teeth may appear much the way it was before the veneer. However, there will still be an overall loss of enamel. Therefore, due to the bonding agent utilized, there may be no remineralization.

The reversible veneers need to be considered with a grain of salt. These restorations offer very little ability to customize your smile to your specific facial shape, bite, as well as phonetics. The touted reversible veneers may not just work for you, and they could spell problems in the near future.

As such, if you are looking at veneers as something reversible and impermanent solution, then you are obviously misinformed. Veneers will change the structure of your natural tooth forever due to the shaving down of enamel. Therefore, you just cannot take the veneers off if you feel like you don't want them or if you change your mind some six months later after placement. Talk to us to discover more about veneers and how they work and when to have them replaced.

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