Can Brushing Be Made Easier When Manual Dexterity Begins to Fade?

Posted on 11/30/2019 by Dr. Saklofsky
Can Brushing Be Made Easier When Manual Dexterity Begins to Fade?One of the issues that can become increasingly challenging for the elderly is their dexterity in regard to tooth brushing.

What was once an easy task can become difficult and for some an embarrassing part of aging. Issues with dexterity can result in further oral issues that can affect the body as a whole.

Our office would like to provide some information to aid in the process of successfully managing oral care with age.

Change Where You Brush

One simple adjustment that you can make to your routine is to take it out of the bathroom. It isn't the only place to handle oral care. Just like many people have found different places they like to sit and tie their shoes; you can find the place most comfortable for your brushing. For some, that is in bed first thing in the morning and at night because it is where we end, and we start out the day.

Keep a small cup and bottle of water with your brushing supplies next to your bed. It gives you the things you need to brush twice a day like recommended from a comfortable resting position. One other piece of advice we can share with you is to remind you not to try brushing while laying down, the chance of accidentally swallowing toothpaste or jabbing your throat is high.

Switch From Manual to Electric

Just like driving an automatic transmission is easier than a manual. So is driving that toothbrush around your mouth. If your coordination and physical dexterity is starting to fade with age, going and investing in an electric toothbrush can step things up to make them easier and allow you to still get your mouth as clean as needed.

Many of the electronic toothbrushes on the market now can come with various settings valuable to the elderly. They have tools such as sensitive or gentle cleaning settings or massaging gum stimulation modes. Finding the one with the tools you need can customize your oral care.

Before you allow frustration or pride to take a toll on your teeth and your gums, try following these suggestions for a better experience. If you have questions or would like more information, give us call today.
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