Signs There Is an Infection in Your Mouth

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Dr. Saklofsky
Signs There Is an Infection in Your MouthOral dental inflammation may occur anywhere in the jaw, gums, ears, palate, tongue, or even inside and below your teeth. If an infection happens in or around the gum, it is most likely caused by tooth decay or the tooth has split and allowed the pulp to be affected.

Learning that a dental infection can induce sepsis is crucial–this is your body's sometimes deadly reaction to infection. Sepsis can and does destroy, needing caution, early detection and survival therapy.

Symptoms of an Oral Infection

Some signs of oral infection include persistent bad breath, a heavy bitter taste in your mouth, constant cough, inflammation (moderate to severe), persistent tooth pain, swelling in your gums, glands, jaw and neck.

An infection within the mouth should be handled as quickly as possible like any other infection elsewhere, not to raise symptoms, but to reduce the risk of complications. If you suspect you feel you have an infection, and we confirm that, you will most likely receive an antibiotic prescription. Take this prescription as directed, and even if you think you're starting to feel better that doesn't mean your infection is gone, you need to finish the prescription until it's complete as directed.

Talk with us about the possibility of your infection being able to be drained. If so, this can reduce your pain and swelling. Remember to practice daily and consistent oral hygiene habits to help further prevent any other further infection and to help continue to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

If you have had dental work, watch for any signs of infection. If you feel you are experiencing or suffering from any infection whatsoever inside your mouth or experiencing any pain, please call the office immediately and let us get you scheduled right away.
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