Symptoms of Dental Implant Rejection to Be on the Lookout For

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Dr. Saklofsky
Symptoms of Dental Implant Rejection to Be on the Lookout ForDental implants have a success rate of 98%, which means in the overwhelming majority of cases, dental implants are fitted with no major issues. There is often bleeding and pain felt for the first few days after, but that is usually the extent of any issues. However, dental implants can fail, or be rejected by the body, and there are some indications to the patient if this is occurring.

Causes of Dental Implant Failure and its Symptoms

In terms of rejection, the body can react to the implant, due to an allergic reaction to the titanium. This is very rare, but can manifest itself in different physical symptoms, such as swelling around the dental implant, and bone loss. Other symptoms include itchy patches of the gum, red bumps or soreness of the gum tissue, all of which are situated around the implant.

Sometimes, patients also experience a loss of taste or tingling in their mouth when a dental implant has been rejected. It is best, if any symptoms emerge after a dental implant placement, to contact our office immediately for help.

Other possible causes of dental implant failure include infection at the dental implant site, or a failure to adhere to proper aftercare instructions. If the dentist tells you to eat soft foods, or avoid brushing the implant area, this could be imperative to the implant's viability within the mouth. Before the implant has fused to the surrounding jawbone, its structural integrity can be fragile.

Before the dental implant placement, we will assess the risk of titanium allergy, and subsequent implant rejection. Our team will use another material if necessary. Contact us, and we can talk you through the procedure, and how we avoid any complications during the treatment, and through the aftercare instructions we give to you. In the large majority of cases, everything goes smoothly with the procedure.
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