What Do You Need To Know About Sinus Lift Surgery?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Dr. Saklofsky
What Do You Need To Know About Sinus Lift Surgery?A sinus lift also known as a sinus augmentation relates to a surgery that simplifies the placement of dental implants. You must undertake a sinus lift surgery in case you do not have enough bone to support the necessary implants during dental surgery. A sinus lift increases the bone capacity in your upper jaw by adding a bone in the space between your premolars and molars. Moving of the sinus membrane upwards takes place to create room for the grafted bone hence the name a sinus lift.

When To Undertake A sinus Lift

Performance of a sinus lift occurs if you lack enough bone height in your upper jaw. Also, when your sinuses are too close, it becomes paramount for you to undergo a sinus lift. You may have bone loss due to periodontal gum teeth, loss of teeth in your upper jaw, and bone reabsorption into the body after tooth loss. Others may have bone loss due to cancer, birth defects, and natural variation.

Purpose of A sinus Lift

A sinus lift allows easy placement of a dental implant by creating room for the support of the dental implants. When you lack enough space in your upper jaw bone, the implant cannot anchor properly. Therefore, it becomes hard for you to do demanding tasks such as biting and chewing. Without enough bone in your jaw, the dental implant becomes weak.

A sinus lift requires cutting the gum tissue and raising it to expose the bone beneath. Cutting off a small circle in the bone follows. The professional lifts the bony piece into the sinus cavity space and a bone graft fills up the hole. Finally, the closing of the incision takes place and your healing process begins. Dental implantation occurs between 4 to 12 months after the surgery.

After the surgery ensures you maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent any infections. Try not to blow your nose to avoid loosening the stitches of the sinus lift surgery. Contact our offices today and learn more about the purpose of sinus lift surgery.

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