Causes of a Dry Mouth

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Dr. Saklofsky
Causes of a Dry MouthA dry mouth is a dental condition caused due to inadequate secretion of saliva from the salivary gland to keep the mouth wet. A dry mouth also occurs due to side effects of medications' presence of an infection within the salivary gland.

Saliva is vital in preventing tooth decay since it neutralizes acids produced by bacteria, thus limiting the growth of these microorganisms. Saliva helps wash away remaining food particles and consists of enzymes that aid digestion.

What Causes Dry Mouth


Over-counter drugs and medications cause a dry mouth effect on an individual's oral health. Medications used to treat high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety lead to developing a dry mouth and eventually cause dental issues in most of these patients.

Therefore it is essential to consult with your doctor and dentist to understand how to take these drugs and receive advice on how to maintain your oral health as you take them to avoid the formation of a dry mouth.


Older people are more prone to having dry mouths due to the changes in their bodies, metabolism processes, and inadequate nutrition. Therefore, to prevent dry mouth in older adults, you must feed them healthy diets that keep their mouths moist and healthy.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage due to injury, trauma, or surgical injury can cause the formation of a dry mouth. More so, if the injury is around the gum and soft tissue area, it may cause inflammations that cause the construction of a dry mouth.

Tobacco Substance Use

Regular tobacco users are more prone to the development of dry mouth and more so attack by bacterial plaque, which causes dental problems. Also, tobacco use destroys the nerves of the teeth and jaw bones, thus accelerating the development of a dry mouth. If you have any of the mentioned causes above, seek medical attention from our dental clinic for better guidance.

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