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Did you ever have a relative who was an extractor or an excavator? We did. It’s all about digging holes and digging stuff out. That seems ok when you are digging a foundation, but it doesn’t sound so ok when we are talking about teeth. However, extraction is sometimes necessary to save the rest of your teeth. When do we know when your tooth can’t be saved? When is there no other option? Let Lincoln Center Smiles take a minute to tell you about tooth extractions.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from your jaw. This means we have to take out the crown of the tooth. We also have to take the tooth root out as well. Although we work hard to talk to our patients about dental health, there are times we can’t save a tooth. Sometimes, that is due to tooth decay. There are also times when a patient has gum disease. Both tooth decay and gum disease might lead to extractions. Tooth extractions are a restorative dentistry procedure.

Why Do We Have to Have a Tooth Extracted?

There are many times we might have to extract a tooth. First, teeth sometimes have to be extracted because of tooth decay. This is the most common reason teeth have to be extracted. When we spot tooth decay, we do our best to fix it with a filling. We drill out the cavity and put a filling in place. Sometimes, we have to do more intensive work to save a tooth. We have to clean out your tooth pulp from an infection. Even when we clean out a tooth, there are times we can’t save it. If we don’t extract the tooth, it could lead to the spread of infection to more teeth. Your gums could get infected as well.

Speaking of gums, there are times your gums can be so infected that your teeth become infected as well. Teeth may have to be removed to protect other teeth from the infection. If you have an accident, or you become injured - if you get hit in the mouth, for example, you might have to have a tooth extracted. If your tooth dies because of an accident or injury, you will have to have the tooth removed.

Procedure for Tooth Extraction

Many patients who need tooth extraction are nervous. They are worried that getting a tooth extraction will be painful. We get it. However, we always reassure our patients that we are going to make their extraction as pain-free as we can. We numb the whole area so that you don’t feel us loosening the tooth root and pulling the tooth out. A tooth extraction is usually not difficult for us to perform. If you have an infection, we will prescribe you antibiotics to make sure the infection gets treated. If you are concerned about pain after the extraction, be sure and talk to us about your concerns.

A lot of our patients tell us that they actually feel better once the tooth is extracted because they are no longer in pain. If you have a tooth that is in pain, but you are afraid to come in to talk to us about an extraction, what are you waiting for? Give Lincoln Center Smiles a call today at (503) 598-0898.
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When do we know when your tooth can't be saved? When is there no other option? Let Lincoln Center Smiles take a minute to tell you about tooth extractions.
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