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The Danger of Not Treating a Tooth That Has an Infection
Posted on 3/30/2020 by Dr. Saklofsky
Have you been diagnosed with a dental infection? If so, you need to treat the tooth right away. By neglecting treatment, you stand a good chance of losing the tooth. This type of infection is called a dental abscess and will not resolve itself over time. It needs to be treated immediately. The following information details the problems this type of infection can cause. A Life-Threatening Infection Actually, you should never ignore a dental infection, such as an abscess, as this type of condition can be life-threatening. The condition can trigger septicemia or a brain abscess. For example, septicemia can happen when a pocket of the dental abscess ruptures and infects the blood. When this occurs, the blood becomes infected. In turn, the life-threatening condition frequently requires prolonged hospitalization and antibiotics, administered intravenously. The infection caused by an abscessed tooth may also enter the brain. When this happens, the condition can be difficult to treat and may lead to death. An abscess can also infect the surrounding bone, especially the facial bones, such as the mandible and maxilla. When this happens, surgical removal of the bone may be required. Even if this type of measure is not needed, the infection can weaken these bones, which makes it more difficult for the teeth to stay anchored in the jaw. However, if an abscess is treated early with a root canal, the tooth can be saved and preserved. Don't wait to have this procedure performed, as you may have to opt for a replacement treatment such as an implant, which is costlier and more extensive. We can treat a dental abscess right away. If you believe you have this condition, contact our office for an appointment today. Make it a priority to treat an abscess, as the condition can become life-threatening if it is ignored....

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