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Middle Age Woman from Portland, OR, LaughingWhen you were little, did you play at being royalty? Did you wear a crown on your head? We did. We made silver foil crowns and used our blankets as robes. Some of us had gold or silver tiaras we paraded around as well. We loved playing kings and queens.

There are other crowns, however that have nothing to do with kings, queens or royalty. Instead, these crowns work hard in your mouth to save your teeth from destruction. It’s not a dragon the crowns are protecting you from. Instead, the crowns are protecting your teeth from further damage. We can use a dental crown to save your teeth. If you don’t know about the usefulness of crowns, keep reading. Lincoln Center Smiles have all the information you need about crowns right here.

What Are Crowns?

You may have heard of teeth being capped or crowned before. Crowns are made of porcelain over metal. They fit like a hat over your tooth. In the past, we made crowns of gold or silver. There were problems with that, however. Gold and silver are not very strong and can easily bend. Also, gold and silver crowns stick out in your mouth. While in the past, people thought gold and silver crowns were status symbols; people now want their teeth to look more natural. Porcelain crowns can fit over your tooth and no one will even know they are there.

What Are Crowns Used For?

Crowns work to protect damaged teeth. Teeth can be damaged in many different ways. A tooth can be damaged due to accident or injury. The older you get, the more likely you are to break a tooth. Rather than pull a tooth, we crown the tooth instead. By putting a crown over the tooth, we protect it from more damage. We also use crowns in conjunction with root canals. Because we have to clean out the infection, we have to cut a hole in the tooth. We can save the tooth, but sometimes the tooth is weaker after the infection is cleaned out. If we put a cap on the tooth, we can strengthen and protect it. Crowns can also be used to protect a tooth that had a large filling. Over time, these fillings may become loose and even fall out. Crowns can be placed over the tooth to keep it strong.

Crown Placement

While some procedures we do in a dental office are painful, crown placement usually isn’t one of them. Many patients need a temporary crown placement while they wait for a permanent crown. We place the temporary crown over the problem tooth. Once your crown comes in, we then grind your tooth down a little to cement your new crown on. That’s it. It is an easy way to protect your tooth.

Do you need a crown? Do you have a problem tooth that needs fixing? We can help! Give Lincoln Center Smiles a call at (503) 598-0898. That way, we can schedule you an appointment to talk about that troubling tooth of yours and put a crown on it!

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