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Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Lincoln Center Smiles in Portland, ORWe offer porcelain crowns at Lincoln Center Smiles that give a good, natural-looking cosmetic result. They are also extremely hard-wearing. Find out more and why you should consider this material if you need a dental crown.

When Do I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a protective cover that can be made from porcelain, metal, or porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). It will protect your tooth against decay, fractures, and wear and tear. A dental crown is usually needed when a tooth has been damaged by an injury or tooth decay. It protects the natural tooth structure around the damaged area which could lead to further problems if left untreated. It is also used to add strength for a tooth that is missing much of its structure because of a large filling or root canal. Crowns are also used to replace teeth in bridges and dental implants. Additionally, it can be used as a component of cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of an imperfect tooth.

Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain has many advantages over other materials such as metal. Notwithstanding it can last up to 15 years with proper care. A porcelain dental crown looks nearly identical to real teeth. It can be color-matched so that it blends in with your teeth seamlessly. Crowns made from porcelain look just as good after several years of wear compared to when they were first made. This long-lasting dental crown will make you feel great about your teeth. They are stain-resistant, so you won't get discoloration from tea, coffee, or red wine. Whether you need a crown fitted on your back teeth or front teeth, porcelain can be used in all areas of the mouth. Cosmetically, it looks good, but its strength means it can be safely used on the back teeth where immense chewing and biting forces are exerted.

What Does the Procedure for Porcelain Crowns Entail?

Having a crown fitted typically takes two visits. During the first visit, your tooth is prepared to receive the crown and in the next visit, you will have the crown fitted.

Preparing The Tooth

After examining your mouth, we may take x-rays to check the adjacent teeth and tooth roots. After a local anesthetic we set about preparing the tooth. Any decay on the tooth is removed and the tooth is pared down so that a crown fits snugly over it. We provide you with a temporary crown until your new crown is sent to us for a permanent restoration. Impressions of the mouth are taken so that plaster cast models can be made. These are sent to a lab that can make the crown fit the model of your mouth. We also send them details of the color so the lab can match your crown to your other teeth.

Permanent Restoration

We remove the temporary crown and fit the porcelain crown over your tooth to check the fit and color. We can make any minor adjustments to the crown and only when we are satisfied will we cement it in place permanently. If you'd like to know more about porcelain crowns at Lincoln Center Smiles, phone us at (971) 317-9499.

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At Lincoln Center Smiles, we only offer the very best in aesthetic and durable restorations. This includes porcelain crowns. Thanks to advances in technology, porcelain has become the preferred material when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.
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