Root Canal Treatment
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We will be the first to admit it - the words “root canal” invoke fear in many people. There are some people who are so afraid of root canals, that they would rather be in pain than visit us. We just don’t understand that, because we can make root canals a lot less painful than they were in the past. You might find that a root canal relieves your pain rather than adds to your pain. That’s because a root canal is meant to fix tooth pain using restorative dentistry.

If you have ever had bad tooth pain, you know what we mean. When your tooth is in pain, your whole mouth may be throbbing. You may be chewing on one side - and even that is painful. You may have a terrible headache. Even your face might hurt. It’s definitely time to come see us. Let Lincoln Center Smiles take a minute of your time to talk to you about why we think root canals are amazing.

What Is A Root Canal?

It sounds horrible, but a root canal is merely a name for an area of the tooth. Each tooth has pulp and nerves on the inside of the tooth. When you have a cavity, if it is allowed to grow bigger, over time, the cavity gets so big, it grows into the pulp of the tooth and will hit nerves, which causes the pain you are having. A root canal is also a procedure we use to save teeth when they get infected. That way, we don’t have to pull the tooth. We want to save your tooth because your whole jaw is stronger when you have all your teeth. Once your tooth is infected in the pulp, a root canal is used to treat the infection and save your tooth.

Procedure for a Root Canal

In the past, root canals used to be very painful. Dentistry is a new science, and we didn’t know as much about pain or how to manage it. Now we have updated dental technology and know a lot about pain and how to manage it. We also have more precise instruments that are able to do the same procedures with a smaller incision. This speeds healing and is less painful for you. In a root canal, we first make sure your tooth and the area around your tooth are numb. We cut a hole in the top - or crown - of your tooth. That way, we can work on the infection. We clean out all of the infection and treat the area with antibiotics. Then, we fill the chamber of your tooth with a material that preserves the tooth and keeps the infection from recurring. You should feel much better once the root canal is finished.

Are you suffering from a painful toothache? Does your head hurt? Is your mouth throbbing? If so, what are you waiting for? Why not give us a call, and let Lincoln Center Smiles make you an appointment. Our phone number is (503) 598-0898. It may be that you don’t need a root canal at all. You may need to get a cavity filled. However, if it turns out you do need a root canal, we will make it as painless as possible.
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Getting a root canal used to be painful. Not anymore. Here at Lincoln Center Smiles, we make the procedure as painless as possible.
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