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Woman with Same Day Dentures Smiling from Dental Chair in Portland, OregonMost of us manage to lose one or two teeth at a time - if we lose any at all. It is likely that most of us will lose at least one tooth in adulthood. If you only lose one tooth, that is easily fixed. But what if you lose multiple teeth all at one time, or over several years? Once you make up your mind to do something about your tooth loss, you want to have it addressed as soon as possible. In the past, dentures took weeks to make - which meant you would spend weeks not eating solid food.

Now, however, you can get dentures the same day you walk in. Hard to believe. We can even make sure you have dentures in place the same day your other teeth are removed. If you have never heard of same-day dentures, let us take a minute to tell you about them. Here at Lincoln Center Smiles, we are all about making you smile as soon as possible.

Do You Need Same-Day Dentures?

Are there times when people need to get same-day dentures. The answer is yes. Sometimes, people lose all of their teeth at one time. Perhaps you were in an accident and lost all of the teeth in your lower jaw. Alternatively, perhaps you had an injury, such as a flying object that hit you in the face and knocked out most of your upper teeth.

There’s no doubt about it, accidents and injuries are traumatic. When they happen, our priority is to try and save your teeth. We do that because it is best for your mouth to have your natural teeth in place. However, if we can’t save your teeth after an accident, we want you to walk out of our offices with your smile intact. We can offer same-day dentures to you so that you can resume your normal life, and you are able to eat and speak without difficulty.

It may be that we use same-day dentures as a transition to something else down the road, such as dental implants. However, we don’t want to leave you toothless until we can do the implant procedure. With same-day dentures, we can replace your teeth temporarily before we do the implant procedure.

What Is The Procedure for Same-Day Dentures?

The first step in the procedure for same-day dentures is to extract any remaining teeth you have left. Before we do that, we will make impressions of your teeth, to help us make your dentures. If you lose your teeth suddenly, we can use your dental x-rays to help us make same-day dentures. Once we extract your teeth and make new dentures, we then fit your same-day dentures to your mouth.

You need to know that while the dentures may feel snug at first, your gums may be swollen. As the swelling goes down, your dentures may become loose, and they may need to be adjusted. You may need to come back in to have them readjusted as you get used to them as well. Just like regular teeth, you will still need to come in and see us every six months. That way, we can continue to do dental checks on your mouth structures. We will also make sure your dentures are still working properly.

Why Not Call Us Today?

Are you in the market for same-day dentures? If so, we can help. Call Lincoln Center Smiles at (503) 598-0898. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Dr.Brian Saklofsky,DMD, same-day dentures, dental implants, or permanent dentures.
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In the past, dentures took weeks to make - which meant you would spend weeks not eating solid food. Now, however, you can get dentures the same day you walk in.
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